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Unleashing the Potential of Earth Orbit

We Build and Operate DROID Satellites - Access their Capabilities with STARFIRE OSTM

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The space industry is only a fraction of what it must become.

Our mission focuses on advancing space sustainability, bridging national security capability gaps, and realigning incentives across the value chain in satellite manufacturing.

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Phase I

Understanding the Environment and Fleet Expansion

The first step to ensuring sustainability and security in the space domain.

Each DROID satellite is equipped with a suite of sensors to enhance our understanding of space.

Reducing positional uncertainty of space objects to minimize unnecessary avoidance maneuvers, expanding the catalog of tracked objects, and space-to-space surveillance capabilities.

Phase II

Eliminating Threats and Extending Life

Understanding is only half the solution.

Large non-maneuverable objects like spent rocket stages and large satellites pose the greatest threat.

De-orbiting objects in LEO and pushing objects to Graveyard from GEO will minimize the debris risk. Turion is adapting this technology for a variety of applicable space mobility services.

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Phase III

Laying the Foundation of Our Galactic Destiny

Extending mankind beyond our solar system will require unfathomable resources.

Fortunately, our solar system is abundant in metallic Asteroids rich with platinum group metals that could be the solution.

By addressing current customer needs, Turion Space will lay the technical and financial foundation to tap these resources in the 2030s.

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